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  • Super Happy Fun Space Game 1.0

    Pilot your ship to destroy the enemy base in this addictive shareware game. Each level, the enemy becomes more powerful. You have to decide whether to
  • Convert Multiple Line File To Single Line or Single Line To Multiple Line Softwa 7.0

    Convert files with multiple lines to files with single lines. Convert files with single lines to files with multiple
  • Load! 1.40

    Load! saves money by optimizing container cargo - includes interactive 3D
  • CPU Load 2.00

    CPU Load is a 32-bit software for Windows 95 and 98 that monitors the CPU Load (or Usage). Display includes a CPU Indicator, a CPU Usage History and
  • I-Load 2010.1.1.0

    I-Load is an ASP.NET web control which basically: Allows the final user to upload, crop and Resize Images which must respect all the constraints
  • IP Load 1.20

    IP Load is designed to send a large number of IP frames to an individual (or broadcast) address, using a specific TCP or UDP port, and allowing a
  • Load Balance 10.0

    Cluster - Load Balance software enables multiple real servers to work as one powerful, reliable, scalable and easy to manage Web server cluster.
  • CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.1

    The free program CandiSoft Load! helps users to download files from hosts like RapidShare. It automates downloading files for free- and premium-users
  • DB Load Generator 1.0

    DB Load Generator is a lightweight application that will enable you to easily test your databases. It can also show you useful information about the
  • My piky Load 1.01

    My piky Load 1.01 offers you an effective image management tool. it is usual to put screenshots online, but you need a graphic editor and a service to
  • SOS - Load Calculator 1.02

    Calculations for residential services. Performs electrical calculations for residential services. Includes Lighting & small appliance loads,
  • AXLE-LOAD 2.0

    axle load calculation for trucks axle load calculation for
  • 3D Load Packer 1.89

    3D Load Packer is the unique space optimizer designed to help you plan quickly and easily the best compact arrangement of a number of different size
  • 2D Load Packer 1.89

    2D Load Packer is the unique space optimizer designed to help you plan quickly and easily the best compact arrangement of a number of different size
  • SWF, Lock & Load 1.208

    SWF, Lock and Load is a program to design preloaders to introduce graphics into the website to inform the user of the progress in loading the Flash
  • Kuka.Load 4.0.8

    KUKA.Load is a software product with the following functions: Verifying a load situation, Verifying a robot for a given load, Selecting a robot for a
  • CPU Load in Tray 1.3a

    Displays CPU load/usage in system tray for single and multi-core CPUs. Features v1.3a: * supports single, dual, triple and quad cores * Tray Icon
  • Load rpc files -

    Filename is optional. Load all channels from BINARY rpc files (SHORT_INTEGER, TIME_HISTORY) into column matrix. Creates matching column time vector.
  • Computer Load 1.1

    This Widget shows the amount of RAM and CPU being
  • Raw Load Hive N/A

    This program will read all keys and values found inside a Windows registry Hive file - which are commonly found inside system32\config and I386
  • ScreenSave/Load 1.1

    Saving the textmode screen (80x25) and displaying it later again. Optimal for batchfiles if you use programs which cannot be
  • CandiSoft Load! 0.7

    The free program CandiSoft Load! helps users to download files from hosts like RapidShare. It automates downloading files for free- and premium-users
  • Lock and Load 1.0

    Lock and Load is an application that allows you to listen to various windows events, and execute an arbitrary number of commands as a response.
  • Fritz!Load 0.27

    It's a software which allows you to download files from (one-click-) hosters (like .com, and many others) and also http and FTP
  • Lock N Load 1.0

    Lock n Load: Heroes of the Faith brings the famous Lock n Load system to the war-torn hills of the Golan Heights. It s October of 1973 and the
  • Block Load 4.15

    Carrier's Block Load program is a powerful, fully featured HVAC load estimating program suitable for commercial buildings of any size.Block Load is a
  • Load From A Disk 5.0.0788

    Load From a Disk is a powerful ballistics program. It calculates the trajectories for up to three different bullets on the same graph. It includes a
  • Check Page Load 2.1

    Check Page Load 2.1 Check the Load time of Web Pages - By: <a
  • ME Cluster - Load Balance 2.0

    ME Cluster - Load Balance 2.0 is a very useful and convenient program which enables multiple real servers to work as one powerful, reliable, scalable
  • Reliable Load Tester 1.0

    Reliable Load Tester is a tool which simplifies the task of load / stress testing of Internet and Intranet applications such as Websites and Web
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  • Youda Marina 1.0

    In the Youda Marina game, you can do whatever you want for keeping your visitors happy. Actually in this game, you are harbor master and your aim is to satisfy your visitors for getting income because; if your customers
  • Most Romantic Tales: Romeo and Juliet 1.0

    The game features an authentic, line by line translation of Shakespeare's original play, presented in contemporary colloquial American English. You can follow the original storyline, or choose a happy
  • City of Rauma 1.0

    The full of excitement game City of Rauma gives you several hours of enjoyment. In this game, your main goal is to keep your citizens happy. For this, you will not only make houses and buildings but will also take care
  • Digi-Boo 1.0

    Keep the boo happy for as long as you can. Digi-Boo is a fun arcade game inspired by Bop-it and Tamagotchi. Keep the Boo happy by petting, feeding and tickling him. Have
  • Mr. Smac 1.0

    Mr. Smac is a MS-DOS based game in which you play a fellow trying to rescue all the smilies in happyland. They have been spread helplessly all over the place by the evil Mr. Donut. This game is just another "Pac Clone"
  • DS Happy Box V2.0

    happy Box is a free application. DS happy Box is a free application for NDS and PC, you can download and manage the games, videos, music, archive to your NDS. All entertainments are ready in DS happy Box .It's very
  • Zoo Empire 1.0

    You can make yourself relax and happy by playing Zoo Empire in which, you are going to make your own zoo empire. You will not only keep your animals happy by hiring employees but will also make happy your visitors. When
  • Build-a-lot 4: Power Source 1.0

    You can make your boring time happy by playing Build-a-lot 4: Power Source game. In this game your aim is to keep your visitors happy. For accomplishing your goal, you will not only make parks, hotels and buildings but
  • Shoot & Relax 1.0

    You are tired and want to RELAX? You want to compete with your friends or kids and be happy? Here is great shooting targets game which will relax you and make you happy!This is amazing shooting game which will relax you
  • Series Matching Calculator Software 1.01

    SMC computes the lengths of two different types (impedances) of Transmission lines. When these two lines are connected in series (in the right order!), they perform an impedance match between a 50 Ohm transmission line,
  • Monkey Go Happy 2 1.0

    Monkey GO happy is back! This time with an extra monkey to please. In Monkey Go happy it s your job to cheer up this sad ape! Each level is a mini-puzzle or game you must solve. Solve them all as fast as you can to get
  • Paraben's 5 in-a-line 1.0

    Paraben's 5 in-a-line is a simple yet highly addictive game. The object of the game is to line up five or more marbles in a line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Every time you line up five or more marbles, that
  • Happy Note! Play It By Ear 2.02

    A real computer game (with points,lives, Hi-Score list etc.) that teaches you to recognize music notes by ear. Easy to customize, happy Note! Play It By Ear lets you learn at your own pace. It requires no previous
  • Critical Seeker Childrens Day version 1.0

    Critical Seeker Childrens Day version is a classic photo hunt game. Players should spot the five differences between two images which are extremely similar in time. Players can test and improve their powers of
  • Space Cowboy 1.0

    New game: If you select this Option, you must decide which degree of difficulty to use when playing. You have the choice between "easy", "normal" and "hard". You also have the possibility of training mission for games,
  • Happy DJ 2.6

    Have you been tired of listening to music along? The Attempt to unusual pleasure of ordering songs is from happy DJ! Give the right of selecting and playing songs through sound box to everybody. happy DJ makes your
  • VeggieBreak 2.5

    Breakout style game with veggies! Plenty of specials,explosions and sound effects during game play make this fun for young children. Offers over 100 levels of game play, highscore reset, pause game, screenshot
  • Kids Having Fun 3.1

    With all of the games there is a strong emphasis on fun, the child will want to play the game because it's fun, not because they are learning, and they will certainly have fun. We removed the idea of
  • HappyBirthday 1.0

    happy Birthday gives the independency from the computer, because you can get you contact data from any other computer using the synchronisation with our web server happy Birthday - it is an Application that: reminds you
  • Happy Fox Toolbar 6.5

    happy Fox Toolbar it is a browser tool that helps you to find music, videos, software or any information you need.happy Fox Toolbar can block annoying pop-ups and includes cookie cleaner, history cleaner and cache
  • Happy Dead Friends 1.0

    In this funny puzzle game it is your aim to make the dead friends happy. Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures, for connect hands and make creatures happy. Just remember one simple rule:
  • Yury's RuneDisplay 1.0

    Supports game Version: 3.1.0 Features: - YRD is movable, scalable, has (optional) numerical cooldown, has configurable out of combat fadeout, and the runes are click-through - The layout of the runes has three options:
  • Befuddle Quest 4 Dead 1.0

    Welcome to the fourth installment of the beloved community puzzle game: Befuddle Quest 4 Dead Using a specific product, RPG Maker 2003, we will each make a single map puzzle using RTP OR your own supplied graphics (that
  • Be-happy 1.0

    Unique shareware logic game for Win95/98/2000/NT. Registration fee 20$. Simple, dynamic and fascinating like tetris, but completely different.There are circles connected by lines on the screen. You are a happy face, and
  • Santa Claus, Save Christmas! 1.0

    You can make your boring time happy by playing Santa Claus, Save Christmas game. In this game, you don't have to achieve specific objective. In this game, you will just jump and collect all the gifts and special items.
  • Merry Xmas and Happy Kagaya New Year 2.0

    Bring and share Smile and happy thought for Everyone. Because when you are happy you always feel
  • Headshire Dispose 1.0

    In your post as Governor of Headshire, you must gather resources to keep your town happy. Memorize the locations of disappearing items in this Puzzle game. Drag the items at the bottom of the screen to their correct
  • Widget of Happiness 1.0

    Keep in Mind the reasons you should be happy, see why other people are happy and share your
  • Happy Pooh screensaver -

    happy Pooh wishes all a very happy Valentine.Cont. a song and animations.Also has a matching theme,3 logos and
  • Idler 1.0

    Idler is a game cartoon. I love this game today. Tip: At the presentation page of the menu (TODAY, OKAY, FUN, LAST, OTHER, MASTER, THEBEST, COOL, happy, BEAT, END, DOG). During the game by pressing simultaneously (DOG,